Mar 20, 2012


I quit.

-itakha a.k.a. thequilla

Jan 22, 2012

Onevia running on BBS!

Hello all of you out there, itakha on phone.
We've had no posts by me in a long time so I proudly present you my Nissan Onevia, some old project I got interested in again!
This is how Forza 3's Silvia S13 and Forza 4's Nissan 240sx look together, nice huh?

Here is the progress:

Jan 7, 2012

Touge Union

hey kids .. after the Christmas and New year, I had available to post on the blog, ok now the post is to announce the return of two great friends, they were Kamykaze team, the style of these two guys are amazing, then we can expect great projects coming from Touge Union .. hugs